Unit Leaders

This page is to help take some of the confusion of the Order of the Arrow and show what all the lodge has to offer. The main two questions we receive are about Unit Elections and the Troop Representative program. All of this and more is covered in our Unit Leader’s Handbook. This is a book written for specifically for you – the Unit Leader. It explains all the activities and functions of the Lodge. It was also go more in-depth than this page, however here we will go over two main parts. You can also sign up for our mailing list to get information about upcoming events and announcements from the Lodge to pass along to the Arrowmen in your Troop

Unit Leader's Handbook

The Unit Leaders Handbook is your comprehensive resource for understanding the Order of the Arrow and empowering your Scouts to become leaders within Scouting.

What You’ll Find Inside:

  • Clear explanations of OA programs, events, and traditions.
  • Guidance for supporting Arrowmen in your unit.
  • Tips for conducting elections and promoting Brotherhood.
  • Tools and resources to strengthen your unit’s connection to the lodge.

Access Your Handbook Today

Let the Unit Leaders Handbook guide you in fostering the next generation of servant leaders!

Unit of Excellence Award

The Order of the Arrow’s Unit of Excellence Award celebrates units that demonstrate outstanding support of the OA’s mission and values.

What Does an Excellent Unit Do?

  • Actively promotes OA events and opportunities to eligible Scouts.
  • Conducts fair and organized OA elections.
  • Appoints a dedicated Unit Representative and Advisor.
  • Encourages Arrowmen to complete their Brotherhood membership.

Benefits of Earning the Award

  • Unit-wide recognition of your commitment to Scouting excellence.
  • A special patch for your OA Unit Leader(s) to wear proudly.
  • Strengthens the bond between your unit and the lodge.

How to Apply

  • Applications will be sent out in an email on October 1st to all key 3 members of units that have held a unit election (or visitation) before then.
  • Eligibility requirements can be found here
  • Deadline for submissions will be December 1st

Celebrate your unit’s achievements and showcase your dedication to the Order of the Arrow!

Unit Elections

Unit elections are an essential part of identifying and celebrating Scouts who exemplify the spirit of the Order of the Arrow. Our lodge is here to support your unit with:

  • Guidance on the election process: Our team will ensure your elections are conducted fairly and according to OA guidelines.
  • Presentations about the OA: We’ll share the values and opportunities within the Order of the Arrow, inspiring Scouts to embrace the spirit of cheerful service.
  • Answers to your questions: We’re happy to discuss the OA, its programs, and the benefits for both individual Scouts and your unit as a whole.

Why Partner with Us for Elections?

  • Empowering Scouts: Ensure a positive election experience that recognizes deserving Scouts for their commitment.
  • Streamlined Process: Benefit from our knowledge and resources for a smooth and organized election.
  • Building a Stronger Connection: Strengthen the partnership between your unit and the lodge.

Scheduling Election Support is Easy!

  • Contact information: For questions about elections and Inductions email: Inductions@Chickasawoa.org
  • Available dates: Our Lodge election season is from October to May each year.
  • Any specific requests: Want us to teach something or give a more in-depth presentation on what it means to be in the OA? Just let us know!

We look forward to supporting your unit elections and celebrating the Scouts who embody the ideals of the Order of the Arrow!

Unit Representative

The Order of the Arrow Unit Representative is a vital connection between your unit and our lodge. This youth leader serves as a bridge, promoting OA events, supporting fellow Arrowmen, and helping your unit benefit from all that the OA offers.

What Does a Unit Representative Do?

  • Communicator: Shares lodge news, events, and opportunities with your unit.
  • Facilitator: Supports Scouts going through the Ordeal process and encourages Brotherhood conversion.
  • Leader: Sets a positive example through their commitment to the Scout Oath, Law, and OA Obligation.
  • Resource: Answers questions and connects unit leaders with the lodge.

Benefits of Having a Unit Representative

  • Stronger OA Presence: Enhances your unit’s connection to the OA’s programs and fellowship.
  • Informed Scouts: Keeps your members up-to-date on opportunities for leadership, service, and adventure within the OA.
  • Leadership Development: Provides a valuable leadership position for a deserving Scout in your unit.

How to Appoint a Unit Representative

  • Eligibility: There are no age requirements to be an OA Representative. They must be at least an Ordeal Member in the Lodge.
  • Appointment Process: The OA Representative is appointed just by the SPL similar to other youth leadership positions
  • Resources: OA Representative Support Pack

We’re here to support your Unit Representative and help them succeed!