Ahoalan-Nackpikin Camping hub

Welcome to the camping hub of the Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge! As members of the Order of the Arrow, we’re dedicated to outdoor adventure and service. Find information on our upcoming campouts, service projects with a focus on conservation, and how you can become part of our brotherhood built on the spirit of the outdoors.

Our Camps

Kia Kima Scout Reservation

Kia Kima Scout Reservation holds a special place in the heart of our lodge. Explore its breathtaking trails, challenge yourself at the waterfront activities, and discover the true spirit of the Order of the Arrow in this beautiful setting. Camping at Kia Kima is an experience you won’t forget.

Camp Currier

Camp Currier provides a unique setting to live out our commitment to cheerful service. Participate in projects that enhance the camp, leave your mark on the landscape, and inspire others with your dedication. Camping at Currier offers endless opportunities to grow as a leader and make a lasting difference.

Camping Opportunities


LOAC, held at historic Camp Currier, is where your Order of the Arrow journey truly unfolds. Sharpen your skills, build lasting friendships, and participate in the traditions of our lodge. Whether you’re a seasoned Arrowman or newly inducted, LOAC is your chance to grow, lead, and make a difference.

Induction weekends

You’ve been called to something greater. Answer that call at an Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge Induction Weekend. Immerse yourself in our traditions of cheerful service, learn leadership skills that extend beyond camp, and seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow.

  • Spring Induction Weekend: Held in May at Kia Kima Scout Reservation surrounded by history and possibility.

  • Fall Induction Weekend: September at Camp Currier surrounded by the rich history of our Order.

Fall Fellowship

Get ready for Fall Fellowship at Camp Currier – it’s where fun and fellowship collide! Test your skills in exciting competitions, connect with Arrowmen from across the lodge, vote for our new leadership, and experience the traditions that make our Order special.

Ceremonies Workshops

Join us at Camp Currier for our semi-annual ceremonies workshops, where we uphold the rich traditions of the Order of the Arrow. Whether you’re a seasoned Arrowman or newly inducted, these workshops will empower you to perform our ceremonies with heart and authenticity.

Camping with your unit!

Camping with your unit is another way to live out the principles of cheerful service. Help younger Scouts learn essential skills, plan troop campouts, and participate in conservation projects that leave your campsite better than you found it. Your dedication benefits your troop and reflects positively on our entire Lodge.