The Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge has several publications available to help Arrowmen and external stakeholders fulfill the mission of the Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge.

Lodge Code of Conduct (2024 Revision)

The Ahoalan-Nachpikin created a Code of Conduct for all members. This is required for the safety and protection of our members.

Lodge Bylaws (2023 Revision)

The Lodge Rules is the document containing all governing procedures for the lodge and outlining role responsibilities for officers.For additional information on the lodge rules, please see the lodge chief and lodge adviser.

Lodge Governance Structure (2023 Revision)

The Lodge Governance Structure describes the structure of the Lodge Officer and Standing Committee positions.

Lodge Executive Committee Minutes

The Vice Chief of Administration or Lodge Chief’s designee records minutes for all Lodge Executive Committee Meetings. These minutes can be found in the drop-down below.