Privacy Policy

Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge follows the example set forth in the Boy Scouts of America’s Privacy Policy and utilizes a very similar policy to respect the privacy of our members and all visitors to our site. It is our policy to acquire personal information from users only by overt and voluntary means, only when it is in the interest of the user to provide it, and to utilize this information only for the purpose it was provided. User information from Facebook and our Facebook page is governed by their Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

Personally identifiable data is collected only by means of form interfaces on the site, into which the user must voluntarily enter the information requested. This information is requested only when it is necessary to accomplish the overt purpose indicated by the interface containing the form that requests it.

No attempt is made to covertly or “quietly” collect personally identifiable information, nor are cookies or any other tracking technology used for the purpose of coordinating information that a user may opt to enter in various interfaces on the site.

How We Use the Information

Personally identifiable information is used only for the express purpose for which it was submitted. For example, if a user enters their contact information in the “Contact Us” form, it will not then be added to the Lodge Mailing List. Instead that information will only be used to correspond with the user.

Ahoalan-Nachpikin does not share personally identifiable information about its web site visitors with anyone. The records of this information are likewise made available only to the Key Three and a few Lodge Officers when it is deemed necessary for the execution of their role.