Lodge History

PictureFirst flap of Ahoalan-Nachpikin
The 1994 Fall Fellowship was a joint event between the 345 Koi Hatachie and 406 Chickasah lodges. The Chickasaw and Delta councils were in the process of merging. The fall elections were held during the fellowship at Camp Tallaha, located outside Charleston, MS, to select the new Lodge Executive Council (LEC).

It was agreed to have a balanced representation of leadership from the two merged lodges. After an Arrowman from 406 was elected Lodge Chief, nominations were then limited to members of 345 for 1st Vice Chief. All the other offices were open to Arrowmen from either lodge. Only the position of 2nd Vice Chief ran opposed.

The event offered identically designed pocket and back patches featuring the combined totems of the Thunderbird (Chickasah) and White Panther (Koi Hatachie).

Later, the newly elected lodge officers met at the Chickasaw Council office to determine the new lodge totem and name. After several attempts, they selected the black bear and the name Ahoalan-Nachpikin, which means “We Who Love the Outdoors“.