Lodge Leadership

The Order of the Arrow program is conducted through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults.  The Lodge Executive Committee is composed of all elected youth lodge officers, the immediate past lodge chief, all standing lodge committee chairmen, the Lodge Adviser, Staff Adviser, and Scout Executive.

Thomas Humphreys

Lodge Chief

The Lodge Chief is the youth leader who oversees all aspects of the Order of the Arrow within the Chickasaw Council.

Cairrean Snyder

Lodge Vice Chief

The Lodge Vice Chief oversees program, service, and ad hoc committees and serves in the place of the Lodge Chief when needed.

Ashton Bruce


The Lodge Secretary oversees the communications, camp promotions, and ceremonies committees as well as handles membership matters for the lodge.

Carson Blake


The Lodge Treasurer oversees all of the finances of the lodge and the merchandise committee and serves as a key member of the Lodge Executive Committee.

Jospeh Hinton

Immediate Past Lodge Chief

The Immediate Past Lodge Chief is a member of the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) and supports current-year lodge functions as needed.