Welcome to the OA!

Congratulations on passing your Ordeal and welcome to the Order of the Arrow! There are several ways to quickly get involved with the Lodge and several opportunities that we offer. One of the first things you can do is contact your Chapter Chief and start attending Chapter meetings. Not sure what Chapter you’re in? Our Chapters correspond to the Districts in the Chickasaw Council.

– Lippoe Blaknik serves the Wolf River District
– Macheu Machque serves the Thunderbird, Twin Banks, and Southeast Districts
– Nashoba Tohbi serves the Malmaison, Tallaha, and Washington Districts
– Okla Kamassa serves the Northwest Mississippi District
– Sakima Machque serves the Eastern District

You can also ask your Scoutmaster to become your Troop’s OA Representative. This is a Position of Responsibility that also counts toward your rank advancement. The Troop Representative attends Chapter meetings and helps pass along information from the Lodge to the Arrowmen in your Troop and lets them know about upcoming events.

The next way you can get involved is to start attending Lodge events that are listed on our Events. Some of our events are Fellowships which are basically a weekend camp out of fun and getting to know each other. Other events are service weekends such as Ordeals and ServiceCorps where we give back to the Council.

You can also become involved with a Lodge Committee. Look through our Committee page and contact the Chairman for one that interests you. Our Committees have something for everyone. They range from planning Ordeals to Trading Post to Ceremonies!

If you are looking for leadership a little more challenging than what your normal Troop can offer, you can also run for Lodge or Chapter Office. Officer Elections are held every year at Fall Fellowship where we elect a new Lodge Chief, all new Vice Chiefs, and new Chapter Chiefs. Committee Chairmen are then appointed by the Lodge Chief. More information about the structure of the Lodge and each position can be found on the Leadership pages of this website.

Can’t figure out what to do with your summer? Well there are several things you can do with the OA! OA High Adventure is a special opportunity for Arrowmen wanting to go to one of the High Adventure Bases. There are four programs to OAHA: OA Trail Crew (Philmont), OA Wilderness Voyage/Canadian Odyssey (Northern Tier), and OA Ocean Adventure (Sea Base). These two week programs are an inexpensive way to go have the experience of a lifetime. The first week is spent building and repairing trails for the Base. The second week is then a Trek specially designed by your crew. OA High Adventure is generally done by yourself so if your Troop is not going back to a particular Base for a few years, this a great way to go back by yourself! For more information visit the OA High Adventure website.

Also, sign up for our Mailing List to get information about upcoming events and announcements from the Lodge.