Lodge Calendar

The Lodge Order of the Arrow Conference (L.O.A.C.) is an annual Ahoalan-Nachpikin tradition. L.O.A.C. is a great fellowship event. Each year sees changing events, but there is always great training, fantastic QUEST-type games (capture the flag, tug-of-war, tractor-pull, SPAM toss, brown-bag relay, etc.), and much more. This is the first opportunity of the year for new Ordeal members to become Brotherhood members, and they are highly encouraged to do so.

The Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge hosts two Induction Weekends (Ordeals) per year, one at each council camp. These Induction Weekends are an opportunity for Scouts and Scouters who have been elected or selected as candidates for O.A. membership to become full members by completing the Ordeal. Each event is also an opportunity for current members to provide service to our camps; help out in the kitchen, assist with registration, serve as Elangomats, or in a number of other service roles; and for current Ordeal members to become Brotherhood members. Ordeals are great fun; we hope to see you at one soon!

If you have recently been called out as a candidate for Ordeal membership, this packet has information on registration and what to bring.

The Section Conclave is an annual event held at the council camp of one lodge in the Section. Conclave brings together Arrowmen from all over the Section  (Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky) for great food, spectacular training, exciting QUEST games, ceremonies competitions, and amazing American Indian dancing exhibitions. Additionally, patch trading, spirit awards, sports contests, and many special events are key elements of the fun. It is only one weekend per year, but the memories will last a lifetime!

Fall Fellowship is the last weekend-camping event of the year hosted by the Lodge. Held at Camp Currier, Fall Fellowship brings together Arrowmen for service, fellowship, fun, and, of course, great food! At the past Fall Fellowship, Arrowmen enjoyed shotgun-shooting, archery, sea-kayaking, and much more. The Annual Business Meeting concludes Fall Fellowship with the election of the next year's lodge officers.

Each year, near the end of the Lodge year, Ahoalan-Nachpikin hosts an annual Family Banquet to recognize Scouts and Scouters who have given of their time and service to the Lodge, to the council, and to the council camps. At the Family Banquet, the Rookie of the Year Award, the Arrowman of the Year Award, the Founder's Awards, and the James E. West Awards are presented.