Oftentimes Packs will think that the Order of the Arrow cannot offer anything to them because it is solely a Boy Scout program. While it is true that membership is not available to Cub Scouts, we actually have several ways to help Cub Scout Packs! Our Unit Leader’s Guidebook mainly focuses on Scoutmasters, however, it does have a section on Packs.


American Indian Affairs

Our main way to serve Cub Scout Packs is through our American Indian Affairs program. There are two sides to this program and both are available to Packs: Ceremonies and Dance/Drum. Our Ceremonies teams are available to perform Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremonies at Pack meetings, Blue & Gold Banquets, and possibly campouts at Camp Currier if you contact them early enough. There are no official scripts for either of these ceremonies and therefore they can be tailored to fit each Pack’s individual needs.

The other part of our AIA program is American Indian dancing and drumming. Our dancers and drummers can also come to regular Pack meetings and possibly camp outs to put on Pow Wow demonstrations and talk about the different dances. These can also be incorporated into the Arrow of Light/Crossover ceremonies where the dances lead straight into the ceremony to create an impressive memory that the boys will remember. Contact the Chapter Chief for your district for more information on scheduling this.


Mobile Camp/Cub Scout Day Camps

Arrowmen can come out to pack meetings or campouts as part of our Mobile Camp program to help teach different skills to the boys. View our Mobile Camp page for more information

Our Arrowmen are also glad to help serve on staff at Cub Scout Day Camps. This can range from support staff to program staff to even American Indian demonstrations as previously mentioned. Email the Chapter Chief for your District or inquire at your District roundtable for help from your local Chapter.