Lodge Committees

The Lodge Executive Committee (L.E.C.) is composed of all elected lodge officers, the immediate past lodge chief, the chapter chiefs, all standing committee chairmen, the Lodge Adviser, the Staff Adviser, and Scout Executive.

Standing Committees


Chair: (Email)     Adviser: Ronda Standridge (Email)
The program committee is responsible for planning activities and training at events.  The Program Committee Chair may appoint chairmen for various events with the approval of the Lodge Chief.  The Program Committee Chairman reports to the Lodge Vice Chief.  


Chair: Isabelle Guthrie ​(Email)     Adviser: Scott Harrison (Email)
The communications committee is responsible for all lodge promotion and communication with members.  The Communications Chairman reports to the Lodge Secretary.

Camp Promotions

Chair: Jason Griener (Email)     Adviser:  (Email)
The camp promotions committee oversees promoting council camps to all units.  The Camp Promotions Chairman coordinates camp promotions teams to go to troop and crew meetings to promote camping.  The Camp Promotions Chairman reports to the Lodge Secretary.  


Chair: Charlie Snyder  (Email)     Adviser: Brad Stevens (Email)
The ceremonies committee is responsible for planning and conducting all ceremonies.  The Ceremonies Committee Chairman will coordinate practices and maintain ceremonial regalia.  The Ceremonies Committee Chairman reports to the Lodge Secretary.  


Chair: Hunter Wright (Email)     Adviser: David Colston (Email)
The service committee plans and conducts service projects throughout the year, including one or two larger projects.  The Service Committee Chairman reports to the Lodge Vice Chief.  


Chair:  (Email)     Adviser: Chris Johnson (Email)     Trading Post Adviser: John Beach 
The merchandise committee directs the development and guides the sales of lodge branded merchandise such as patches, t-shirts, hats, and such to raise funds for the general use of the lodge in accordance to the Order of the Arrow branding guidelines.  The committee conducts trading post operations.  The Merchandise Chairman repots to the Lodge Treasurer.  

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are temporary, such as nominations, Vigil Honor selection, lodge rules revision, a single service project, banquet, awards, or other major lodge activity, and shall be formed from time to time by the appointment of the Lodge Chief in consultation with the Lodge Adviser and Staff Adviser. Chairmen of these committees shall report to the Lodge Vice Chief or other lodge officers as designated by the Lodge Chief when the ad hoc committee is appointed. 

Chair: (Email)     Adviser: Alexandra Schrack (Email)
The awards committee is composed of the chapter chiefs and other members.  It considers award nominations for various awards.  The awards committee reports to the Lodge Vice Chief.  


Chair: (Email)     Adviser: (Email)
The banquet committee is responsible for planning and producing the annual Family Banquet.  The banquet committee reports to the Lodge Vice Chief.  


Chair: Johnny Clements (Email)     Adviser: Chris King (Email)
The conclave committee promotes and coordinates the participation of the lodge in the annual section conclave.  The conclave committee chairman reports to the Lodge Vice Chief.


Chair: Isabelle Guthrie (Email)       Advisor: Samuel Humphreys (Email)


Chair: (Email)     Adviser: Vince Sutherland (Email)
The Vigil Committee is responsible for the annual Vigil selection and all aspects of the Vigil ceremony. 

Other Committees

Other ad hoc committees may be formed as people indicate an interest and need for a particular things to be done.  Contact the Lodge Chief or Lodge Vice Chief to suggest an idea and to volunteer to lead.