Adult Advisers of the Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge

The youth officers of the lodge are guided by selected capable adults.  The Lodge Adviser and Staff Adviser are selected by the Scout Executive. The Lodge Adviser selects other adult advisers to support the youth leaders.

Chuck Martin

Lodge Adviser

​A member of the Key 3, the Lodge Adviser works closely with the Lodge Chief to ensure the quality and success of the Order of the Arrow program.

Haley Baird

Lodge Staff Adviser

A member of the Key 3, the Staff Adviser is a Professional Scouter with the Chickasaw Council who supports the lodge and ensures it complements the council program.

John Cozart

Associate Lodge Adviser, Vice Chief

Adviser of the Lodge Vice Chief.

Zachary Sowell

Associate Lodge Adviser, Secretary

Adviser of the Lodge Secretary.